“In a short period of time I've gained a lot of clarity and understanding.  I feel like I now have a lighted path to work through what I've been trying to navigate in the dark.”

-Tara K.

“Meliea offers unique insights I haven't found anywhere else.”

-DeLana T.

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Need more clarity? Get card readings that work with the moon's primary phases.  Look at the coming lunar cycles and see the healing opportunities with Lunar Coach Meliea Black.


Hello! I'm Meliea, the queer, exvangelical, mystic, midwife, moon maven, intuition activist. I'm here to help you deconstruct the influence that religion and patriarchy have had on your intuition and reconstruct radical self trust that offers you grace, ease, flow and peace. Read More. 


I'm here to help you activate your intuition to invite more grace, ease and flow into your daily life. 

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Working for over a decade as a midwife, Meliea Black has been a witness to 100s of women at their most vulnerable time.  The activities of our body and mind leading up to during and after birth are a big metaphor for life.  Meliea helps women create, birth and nurture their dreams by asking the right questions and helping women find their power.